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J2ME: Step by step
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6. Setting up your development environment

Installing CLDC and the KVM on your PDA page 3 of 7

Use the HotSync feature of the PDA device to install the kvm.prc and kvmutil.prc files on your Palm OS handheld. To install these files from Windows:

  1. Place the PDA in its cradle.

  2. From the Palm Desktop, click the Install icon.

  3. Click the Browse button to select the c:\j2me_cldc\bin directory.

  4. Select the kvm.prc and kvmutil.prc files. Note that there are various other prc files in the same directory -- these contain some sample applications which you also may want to install and try out.

  5. Press the HotSync button on your PDA's cradle to install the selected prc files.

  6. On your PDA, locate either of the files just installed. Tap on the icon for either of the two files on your PDA to load and run the application. You now can set the maximum heap size and screen output options.

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