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J2ME: Step by step
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6. Setting up your development environment

Compiling the Palm database tools page 4 of 7

By installing the CLDC packages, you have set up the development environment and now have access to the documentation and classes, which you will find under j2me_cldc/docs and j2me_cldc/bin/api/classes, respectively.

The j2me_cldc/tools directory, one of the other directories installed with the two packages, stores the utilities used to generate .prc files. These utilities allow you to install your J2ME applications on your PDA. To use the tools in the j2me_cldc/tools directory, you must first compile the class files:

  1. Go to or change to the j2me_cldc/tools/palm directory.

  2. Create a subdirectory called classes

  3. Compile the .java source files by entering the following command on one line:
    javac -d classes src/palm/database/*.java
    The classes are now compiled and can be found in the classes subdirectory.

  4. Copy the src/palm/database/Wrapper.prc and src/palm/database/DefaultTiny.bmp files to the classes directory.

You have now compiled the Palm database tools class files into the j2me_cldc/tools/palm/classes directory (and its subdirectories). You may want to add the full path to the classes subdirectory to your Java CLASSPATH. Alternatively, you can add it to the CLASSPATH specified on the java command line when you use the Palm database tools.

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