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J2ME: Step by step
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6. Setting up your development environment

Downloading and installing CLDC on Win32 or UNIX page 2 of 7

To install CLDC and the Sun's KVM software on a Windows or UNIX platform:

  1. Download the CLDC. Two packages are downloaded and must be installed: and

  2. Unzip the first package.
    • Under Windows you may want to unzip the contents into the root directory, c:\

    • Under UNIX, unzip the contents into your preferred directory. This may be your home directory, or if you are installing for all users of the machine install wherever you normally install shared application files (for example, this is usually something like /usr/local or /opt.

    A new folder, j2me_cldc, is created beneath the installation directory, and it contains the following subdirectories: jam, docs, build, tools, api, kvm, samples, and bin.

  3. Unzip the second package to the j2me_cldc directory just created by your CLDC installation. For example, c:\j2me_cldc under Windows, or something like /usr/local/j2me_cldc or /opt/j2me_cldc under UNIX. If prompted, overwrite any files that already exist.

  4. Add the j2me_cldc/bin directory to your PATH to save typing the full path every time you want to run the CLDC programs kvm and preverify.

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