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J2ME: Step by step
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12. Summary

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Use these resources to follow up on this discussion of J2ME and expand your knowledge of wireless programming.

  • The KJava Sample applications zip file includes complete source code for and, as well as supporting files.

  • The MIDP Sample application zip file includes complete source code for, as well as supporting files for use with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit.

  • For all things J2ME (including downloads for all the APIs and VMs used in this tutorial), visit the official J2ME page.

  • Both Sun and IBM provide various versions of the Java 2 SDK.

  • Download the Palm OS Emulator (POSE).

  • IBM VisualAge Micro Edition, which was recently named best embedded development tool by JavaPro magazine, provides everything you need to quickly create embedded Java applications for wireless devices.

  • Interested in how J2ME has changed since 1999? Read Todd Sundsted's "J2ME grows up" (developerWorks, May 2001), which was inspired by a recent all-day tech session with Sun Java evangelist Bill Day.

  • Visit our Wireless Java Programming discussion forum for help with your J2ME-related questions.

  • Wireless programming extends well beyond the realm of the Java platform. For information, visit the Wireless page on developerWorks.

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