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J2ME: Step by step
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12. Summary

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In this tutorial, we examined the background of J2ME and explored the J2ME configurations and profiles. We then took a look at setting up your development environment for developing J2ME applications.

We covered topics such as the K virtual machine (KVM) and the KJava profile used in conjunction with the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CDLC) API. We also discussed Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), which also uses CLDC. We also briefly discussed the Connected Device Configuration (CDC), which is used for larger applications.

Finally, you received hands-on experience by building a simple HelloWorld application that allowed you to see what you can do with J2ME. We used CLDC and KJava to develop Scribble, a basic drawing application, and also developed a small MIDP application.

While still in its infancy, Java for mobile devices already has changed the way people conduct their business and personal communications. As J2ME evolves and mobile devices become more sophisticated, so will the applications that support business and personal mobile communications.

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