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J2ME: Step by step
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CDC API overview page 3 of 3

The CDC is an API built on top of the CLDC and is a more complete subset of the full J2SE API. It also includes an extra package -- the package -- containing all the same classes and interfaces defined in CLDC, and more.

Some of the more notable features that CDC includes over and above CLDC include:

  • Floating point support (including java.lang.Float, java.lang.Double, and java.lang.StrictMath classes)

  • A classloader class (java.lang.ClassLoader)

  • Support for native processes (java.lang.Process)

  • Advanced multithreaded support (including support for thread groups and more)

  • Serialization classes ( and

  • Reflection API (including java.lang.reflect package)

  • File system support

  • J2SE style network support (

  • More complete support for the J2SE Collections API

  • The addition of an HttpConnection interface to the package. This provides the necessary methods and constants for an HTTP connection.

  • Support for the J2SE java.lang.ref, java.math,,, java.text, java.util.jar, and packages.

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