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Sample Applications

Since OpenForecast is a forecasting library intended for use in applications, it does not have its own user interface as such. Therefore, it is a little difficult to show screenshots of OpenForecast in action. However, on this page we show a screenshot of one of the example programs included with OpenForecast along with JFreeChart, as well as OpenForecast used within a commercial application.

OpenForecast Demo

The following screenshot shows a variety of OpenForecast models being used to forecast against some hypothetical sales data. The original data series (shown in red) exhibits strong seasonality combined with trend. It is interesting to see how the different models respond to this kind of data.

OpenForecast demo

Note that, as of this writing, models that provide better support for seasonality and trend are under development. If you'd like to help with this development, or contribute other models, see the Developer Info. (on the left) and contact the developers there.

OpenForecast in a Commercial Application

Robert Morris and Dan Emmons of Stark Investments were kind enough to send me a screenshot of their application that uses OpenForecast to forecast movements in stock prices. [Click the image to see the full size version.]

Stark Investments application using OpenForecast

This is quite an impressive application. Clearly in this case, OpenForecast provides just a small piece of the overall functionality by providing the best fit curves (shown in red) in the two charts at the bottom of the image.

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