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ZDNet's review of CleanUp! 1.1

Windows CleanUp! Utility
The Strangely Green Chicken Company

CleanUp! is a useful little freeware utility for anyone who needs to remove evidence of their Internet surfing. Similar to the Paranoia section of Microsoft's Tweak UI, CleanUp! is designed to erase system files that regularly log Internet activities. It purges your Web page cache, URL history log, and any cookie files that Internet Explorer collects during browsing. This easy-to-use, well-documented gem also lets you automatically wipe the Favorites folder contents, temp directory files, telltale Registry entries, and newsgroup subscription queue. It's even handy for recovering disk space lost to cookies and cached Web pages. A modest, yet friendly interface offers fully selectable cleanup levels and checkboxes for configuring individual operations. So if you want to surf without leaving a wake, download Cleanup!

Reviewed on Jun 29 1998.

Rating: 4 stars

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