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Web site translations now available
Through the use of Google's automatic translation service we are now pleased to bring you this web site in a variety of different languages. These languages include English (obviously!), Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese-Simplified. To translate the site, start from the main page and select the language you prefer by clicking on one of the flags in the left-hand sidebar. All pages will then be translated to the selected language.
Protect yourself online
There's only one you. Why should you let anyone else become you? With just a series of numbers, you could lose your identity, all of your money, and your retirement.

Did you know that your computer may store ...

  • Your credit card information from online transactions?
  • Your social security number?
  • Your bank account numbers?

Do you know how to protect yourself? We do.

Carbonite Partnership

We at tout the necessity of backing up your data on your hard drive on a regular basis and certainly before using a new version of CleanUp! for the first time on any machine. We know your data (and disk space) is valuable to you, even if it is accidentally stored in temporary or as stored (cached) files. In the past, many of you have asked the best way to back up your files. We've responded with various tips and helpful ideas both in the CleanUp! FAQs and the discussion forums. But still, backing up your data can be a chore.

So, here's your "plan B". We have teamed up with Carbonite to provide you with the option of automatic backups of as much or as little of your hard drive as you want.

Homeland Security plugin at

I recently created/updated the Department of Homeland Security browser plugin to If you try - or have tried - the Homeland Security plugin, please share your experience with others by completing the Judge it form from there.

For more information and installation, see Browser Plugins.


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