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J2ME: Step by step
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9. Development using KJava event handling

Getting started with Scribble page 5 of 6

As with the HelloWorld application, we need to import the classes to be used by the Scribble application. Following is the block of text that identifies the classes used by Scribble:

      import com.sun.kjava.Bitmap;
      import com.sun.kjava.Button;
      import com.sun.kjava.Dialog;
      import com.sun.kjava.Graphics;
      import com.sun.kjava.HelpDisplay;
      import com.sun.kjava.Spotlet;

The Scribble class extends the Spotlet class used in J2SE. It begins by defining the final static class variables.

      public class Scribble extends Spotlet

The class variable g acts as a reference to the singleton Graphics object used throughout the class:

      static Graphics g = Graphics.getGraphics ();

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