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J2ME: Step by step
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8. Development using KJava GUI components

Other KJava classes page 6 of 6

KJava defines some additional classes. It is less likely that you will use these classes in your early development efforts, but it is worthwhile knowing what they do in case you should need to use them at a later point.

  • Bitmap -- Represents a black and white bitmap image.

  • Caret -- Used only by TextField. (The API documentation indicates that this class should probably be private to the TextField class.)

  • Database -- Provides an interface to the Palm OS database manager.

  • DialogOwner -- An interface to be used by any class wanting to display a modal dialog.

  • HelpDisplay -- Defines a simple Help dialog.

  • IntVector -- Not really a GUI component as such, this class provides an expandable vector of integers much like java.util.Vector.

  • List -- Not really a GUI component, this is another helper class that represents a list of objects, like java.util.Vector.

  • ScrollOwner -- Used by ScrollTextBox.

  • VerticalScrollBar -- Defines a vertical scroll bar component.

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