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J2ME: Step by step
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7. CLDC API input classes page 6 of 11

The CLDC API contains many of the commonly used input classes from J2SE. In particular, the CLDC package includes the following classes:

  • ByteArrayInputStream -- Contains an internal buffer representing bytes that may be read from an input stream.

  • DataInput -- An interface that provides for reading bytes from a binary input stream and translating them into primitive Java data types. DataInputStream provides an implementation of this interface.

  • DataInputStream -- Allows an application to read primitive Java data types from the underlying input stream in a platform-independent way.

  • InputStream -- An abstract class that is the superclass of all classes representing an input stream of bytes.

  • InputStreamReader -- Reads bytes and translates them into characters according to a specified character encoding.

  • Reader -- An abstract class for reading character streams.

Note that, as with the java.lang package, some of these classes may not contain all the methods supported by their J2SE cousin. In particular, the floating point and double precision methods are omitted.

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