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J2ME: Step by step
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5. J2ME profiles

Profile 2: MIDP page 3 of 4

MIDP is geared toward mobile devices such as cellular phones and pagers. The MIDP, like KJava, is built upon CLDC and provides a standard run-time environment that allows new applications and services to be deployed dynamically on end-user devices.

MIDP is a common, industry-standard profile for mobile devices that is not dependent on a specific vendor. It is a complete and supported foundation for mobile application development.

MIDP contains the following packages, the first three of which are core CLDC packages, plus three MIDP-specific packages. We will discuss each of these packages later on in the tutorial:

  • java.lang
  • java.util
  • javax.microedition.lcdui
  • javax.microedition.midlet
  • javax.microedition.rms

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