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J2ME: Step by step
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4. J2ME configurations

What are the J2ME configurations? page 1 of 5

As you learned earlier, the configuration defines the basic run-time environment as a set of core classes and a specific JVM that run on specific types of devices. You also learned that the two types of configurations for J2ME are CLDC and CDC.

Sun provides J2ME configurations that are suitable for different market segments -- CLDC for small devices and CDC for larger devices. A J2ME environment can be configured dynamically to provide the environment needed to run an application, regardless of whether or not all Java technology-based libraries necessary to run the application are present on the device. The core platform receives both application code and libraries. Configuration is performed by server software running on the network.

In the next few panels, you will learn more about CLDC and CDC and which profiles they are associated with.

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