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J2ME: Step by step
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3. Developing J2ME applications

Design considerations for mobile devices page 3 of 6

The same rule of thumb applies for mobile device development that we mentioned for small device development: design and then code. Let's examine some design recommendations to consider when developing applications for mobile devices:

  • Let the server do most of the work. Move the computationally intensive tasks to the server, and let the server run them for you. Let the mobile device handle the interface and minimal amounts of computations, and let the server do the intensive work. Of course, the mobile device for which you are developing plays a factor in how easy and how often the device can connect to a server.

  • Choose the language carefully. J2ME still is in its infancy and may not be the best option. Other object-oriented languages, like C++, could be a better choice, depending on your needs.

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