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Professional Java XML

What does this book cover?

Parsing and transforming with the latest SAX, DOM, JAXP, TrAX, and JDOM APIs Java XML techniques for XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, RDF Building enterprise Java XML components with Java Servlets, JSP, JMS Web services with SOAP, UDDI Adding semantics to the web with RDF and Topic Maps New directions in XML-Object mapping Case studies in Enterprise Configuration, B2B, E-Commerce and Web Services

Book overview

Java has become the programming language of choice for interacting with the Internet and for building distributed, intelligent applications. XML is about to become the universal language for delivering web content and machine processable business information. This book will introduce you to the power of using Java and XML as a unified platform.

Professional Java XML covers the full scope of both Java and XML. We develop applications with the Java Enterprise platform and its array of sophisticated components and programming interfaces. Similarly, we explore a full range of XML techniques such XSL transformation, querying with XPath, and validation with XML Schema and DTD, using state-of-the-art Java XML tools. This book brings together the enabling technologies of Java and XML, and shows you how to develop applications that exploit the best features of each.

Who is this book for?

This is a book for intermediate to advanced Java programmers, either from an enterprise or core programming background. The book assumes no specific knowledge of any Java XML technologies and will be accessible to any programmer with a good working background in Java programming.

We start XML at a very easy level, but grow to use a full range of the power of the language and its associated specifications.

Wrox provides on-line discussion for the above title and surrounding technologies on P2P.

Professional Java XML

Kal Ahmed
Sudhir Ancha
Andrei Cioroianu
Jay Cousins
Jeremy Crosbie
John Davies
Kyle Gabhart
Steve Gould
James Hart
Ramnivas Laddad
Sing Li
Brendan Macmillan
Daniel Rivers-Moore
Judy Skubal
Karli Watson
Scott Williams
ISBN    186100401X
Price $ 59.99
     C$ 89.95
Publish Date
April 2001
Pages 1200
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Table of Contents
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