Can we distribute Private Eye on our shareware CD?

PLEASE NOTE: If you do plan on distributing the free version of Private Eye, you are not permitted to distribute to anyone in any format your registration information. This would be considered a violation of the licensing terms.

The free version of Private Eye is freeware, and not shareware. And since the intent is that it is available - for free - to end users, then you should not be charging anything for your CD. For example, Private Eye has been featured on the free CDs that come with several major computer magazines - this is what I would consider acceptable use. However, including it on a CD that is sold, I would not consider acceptable use unless, of course, you'd like to make a decent donation to help fund Private Eye development - contact me with your request.

Either way, I'm always interested to know where Private Eye is featured so please drop me a note with the information and a link with details. I'll even add this information to the Private Eye web site.