How do I delete an entry from the Protected Storage?

WARNING: Deleting entries from the Protected Storage could cause the application(s) that use that data to no longer run as expected. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you make a backup of your computer before making any changes, especially for the first time. Only delete an entry if you are sure it will not adversely affect any of your applications.

The free version of Private Eye presents a read-only view of Protected Storage and, as a result, cannot be used to delete entries from the Protected Storage. The full version of Private Eye permits deletion of entries from the Protected Storage.

The tree view on the left-hand side of the Private Eye dialog display a list of all the entries found in the Protected Storage on your computer. To delete an individual entry, select the entry in the left-hand tree view, then press the Delete key or select Edit, Delete from the Private Eye menu. You will be prompted with a confirmation message before the deletion takes place.