How do I delete Internet Explorer's AutoComplete entries?

Internet Explorer appears to store its "Auto Complete" data in related pairs of entries in the Protected Storage. The first entry is the string data and its name ends with :StringData. The next entry with the same base name, but ending with :StringIndex contains binary about the previous entry. Since the two entries are designed to work together, it is strongly recommended that if you want to delete one, you delete the other too.

Tip: You can often delete individual Auto Complete entries from within Internet Explorer. This is probably the safer way to delete unwanted entries, though is not always possible or immediately obvious. When an HTML form is presented to you in Internet Explorer, you can open a list of Auto Complete entries for a given field (by starting typing, or pressing the down arrow on the keyboard). From this drop-down list box, highlight the entry you want deleted (using the up/down arrow keys, not the mouse), then press the Delete key.