Why does my browser create all those files anyway?

Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and pretty much any browser for that matter create a number of files during their use to make your surfing quicker and easier. Some of the main types of files created are as follows:

  • Cache files - these are copies of the files or web pages you have viewed. They are saved - or "cached" in computer terms - so that if you go back to visit that page again it should be able to display that same page more quickly.
  • History files - these store the web addresses of sites you've visited, again so that you can more easily return to sites you've recently visited.
  • Cookies - these have received much "hype" in the media because of their possible security risk and invasion of privacy. They store very small amounts of information - like user preferences - about some of the sites you've visited.

CleanUp! removes all these files. Removing them does not harm your computer since they are all "temporary files" anyway. In fact, it even frees up some disk space for you.