Who uses CleanUp!?

Perhaps surprisingly, it is a little difficult to answer this question accurately. Since CleanUp! is freeware and you can copy it and give it to your friends, it's difficult to know exactly who is using it, and on how many machines. There have been well over 1,000,000 downloads of CleanUp! from various sites. If we assume just two installations per download, then that's over 2 million users, and possibly many more.

Many Fortune 500 companies use CleanUp! throughout their organization. I have received e-mails from users at the following companies and organizations: Lockheed Martin, Intel, Nissan (North America), Nokia, BNSF, CGI, Indiana University, and many more. Even CSC has been using my utility - and this was when I was working for a competitor of theirs! :-)

Disclaimer: just because people at the above companies use CleanUp!, this list does not imply any endorsement of CleanUp! by any of these companies, nor endorsement of the companies by the author of CleanUp!.