Background is a leading creator of high quality, small footprint personal security products for use on Windows-based PCs. It is a privately held company established by Steven R. Gould to fulfill a vision of protecting the privacy of individuals, both on the Internet and offline. is dedicated to supplying high-quality, easy-to-use personal security and privacy protection solutions for business and home users.  Founded in 1998, evolved out of Steven's efforts to help out a friend clean up his hard drive. The result: Windows CleanUp!  This flagship freeware tool now boasts more than an estimated 5-10 million users worldwide and currently is funded strictly by donations.

Windows CleanUp!'s respectable list of customers includes Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways, Dell Computers Customer Support, Intel, Indiana State University and many more.  The success of CleanUp! led to the development of additional freeware tools that help customers in a variety of ways. also produces Private Eye and Index Dat Spy software, which allows users to peak inside certain areas of their PCs to see just what personal information is stored about them. Private Eye can highlight credit card information, account numbers, user names and passwords, even from secure web sites. Private Eye was written to expose the user to the contents of an area on their computer known as the "Protected Storage".  Additionally, even after emptying Internet Explorer's cache and history, Index Dat Spy can still expose information regarding the web sites you've visited from hidden files on your PC. This nifty little utility allows you to view the contents of any index.dat file - even if it is in use - in an easily human-readable form.  Finally, OpenForecast serves as an open source package of general purpose, forecasting models.