Download and Installation

Installation Instructions

Before installing Index Dat Spy, please take the time to read the following:

You can install Index Dat Spy as follows:

  1. From the following list of download files and locations, select the newest version for your Operating System and click on the link to download. When prompted to save or open the file, choose to open the file from its current location. (Alternatively, you can save it to disk then run the installation/setup program later.)
  2. The installation program will walk you through the rest of the installation.

Once setup is complete you will be able to run Index Dat Spy from the icon placed under your Start menu.

Note that since Index Dat Spy is freeware, you can copy any of the files downloaded from above and pass them along to your friends and colleagues (see license for details). The files even fit on a single 3.5" (1.44MB) floppy disk!