How To Use CleanUp!
CleanUp! was designed to be easy to use so shouldn't need much instruction. Anyway, this is how to use it:
  1. Click on Start, Programs, CleanUp!, CleanUp!.
  2. A dialog will appear. Click on the button labeled "CleanUp!".

That's all there is to it. CleanUp! will display its progress in the progress indicator in the bottom right of the dialog and display a log of the files it has attempted to delete.

When it finishes it will prompt you to restart Windows - just like all good Windows programs. :-) The reason for this is that there will be one or two files it cannot delete when Windows is running - however, they will be deleted next time Windows starts up.

CleanUp! also displays a summary of how much disk space was recovered (and how many files were deleted) as a result of running CleanUp!

Advanced Users

If you want a little more control over CleanUp!, then from the main CleanUp! dialog, and click on the Options button. Refer to the on-line Help (by pressing F1 with the dialog open) for details.