How do I install CleanUp! on a network drive?

Two parts to this:

1. Single-user installation to a network drive.

2. Multi-user installation to a network drive.

Single-user installation to a network drive

Run the CleanUp! installation program as normal and install CleanUp! to the desired network drive and directory. That's it. The only limitation of this is that you will need to be connected to the same network - and specifically to that same server - in order to run CleanUp!

Multi-user installation to a network drive

For intermediate/advanced users, here's another way to install to a network drive for use by any number of users:
  • Install CleanUp! as normal on any machine.
  • Make sure you are connected to the network drive you want to install CleanUp! on - you'll only need around 400K free on the disk (though obviously much more would be recommended just for good system performance outside of CleanUp!).
  • Copy all the files from the CleanUp! installation folder into the deired network folder. Please be sure to copy all the files - including the on-line Help and contents files (*.hlp and *.cnt) - so as to stay within the intent of the (freeware) license.

Now you can go to any machine that is also connected to that drive and run CleanUp! directly from that directory.

[You may also be interested to know that you can start CleanUp! directly from the DOS prompt and have it run quietly in the background using the /AutoRun option.]