How can I schedule CleanUp! to run at certain times?

This is a more advanced user option.

You can use a combination of Windows Task Scheduler and CleanUp! command line options to schedule when CleanUp! should be run. The exact steps to schedule a task in Windows depends on the version of Windows you are using. Note that in general though you will probably need local Administrator rights - something that should not be a problem if you are running it at home.

Alternatively you can add CleanUp! to the list of programs in your Start, Programs, Startup folder so that it runs everytime you log in, if that is what you want.

Generally when CleanUp! is run in either of these modes you are not really interested in configuring all of the options and having to click the CleanUp! button to run it. In other words, you just want it to run quietly in the background without any interaction from you. To achieve this you can use the -AutoRun command line option. For example, if CleanUp! is installed as:

    C:\Program Files\CleanUp\Cleanup.exe
Then you could run CleanUp! in the background by running:
    C:\Program Files\CleanUp\Cleanup.exe -AutoRun

Therefore you need to make sure that this is the command that is executed either at the scheduled time, or at Windows Startup as required.