PRIVACY POLICY respects the privacy of its users and promises not to disclose personal or business information to third parties without the express permission from you. We will not sell your name, e-mail address, phone number, or any other personal information to anyone else. We consider this information to be private, and it will remain as such. If you have any questions about your privacy rights, contact us at [Please do not use this e-mail address for general product or support questions.]

Please note:

Here at, privacy protection is very important to us. The company was founded on ways to protect it. As a result, we also assure you that: 

  • Nowhere on this site should there be any "small print" tricking you into giving us permission to disclose any of your personal information to a third party. If we ever need to do something like that we will make sure it is obvious enough, and we will also default any selection to not disclose the information - also known as, "opt in".

  • This privacy policy does not cover third-party web sites. We do have a number of links to external, third-party web sites such as affiliate programs, etc. If you choose to follow these links then we will not provide any of your personal information to that third-party.
    For example, this means you may be required to create a new login account on that site, and if you place an order for their products you will need to enter shipping and payment information on their site. Note that such information is not sent back to us.