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Why not show off how well you CleanUp!? If you are a fan of CleanUp!, Index Dat Spy or Private Eye, now is your chance to let everyone know. Here you can buy promotional products to let everyone know about us and your support of products! You can find our products below.

All of the software products we offer, as well as various support options, are made available to you for free. Over the years many people have been very generous and helped support our development efforts by donating. Your donations help pay for our software licenses, web hosting services, and much more. We, therefore, appreciate the donations that help out with these expenses.

In addition to our own product line, we now bring you yet another way to help us out. By clicking on any of these links and purchasing one or more products from these partners, we receive a small commission. So, please take a look at these partner Web sites and consider making a purchase there. Note that you must use these links to access the partner Web sites for us to get appropriate credit for your purchases.

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