Why does demo mode report more files deleted than when I ran it in normal mode?

The demo mode can consider some files for deletion in multiple ways. Since the file is not actually deleted in demo mode - and CleanUp! does not keep a list of all the files considered - then the effect is that some files are counted twice, possibly more. Therefore, the number of files shown as being "deleted" in demo mode and the amount of file space freed will always be more than if you were to run it for real.

The intent of the demo mode was to show the kind of files that would be deleted - because in spite of warnings, first time users were not making backups of important files before running CleanUp! - and provide a rough estimate as to the number of files deleted and disk space freed.

Conversely running CleanUp! in its normal mode only counts files deleted when it actually successfully deletes them. Therefore any files that are in use and flagged for deletion upon Windows restart are not included in its total.

So normal mode under-reports files deleted and demo mode over-reports files deleted. Hence the discrepency.