Is there a limit on the number of data points that OpenForecast can handle?

There is no hard limit to the number of DataPoints within a DataSet. Basically a DataSet stores its DataPoints in an ArrayList, so that's where any limitations will come about. These will generally be related to how much memory you have available to the JVM.

Additionally, since a DataSet is a collection of DataPoints and a DataPoint is an interface, then the amount of memory used by your DataPoint implementation will also have an impact on the number of DataPoints that OpenForecast - actually your JVM - can handle. If you know you will be handling large numbers of DataPoints in your application, then be sure to make the implementation of a DataPoint as "lean" and memory-efficient as possible.

Typically in the sample and test applications, we've dealt with up to 50 or so DataPoints in a DataSet which, admittedly, is small. However, users of OpenForecast have successfully used it with 20,000 data points!