CleanUp! hangs while cleaning the registry. What is wrong?

The amount of time CleanUp! takes to run really depends on the amount of work that CleanUp! has to do. The most time consuming part of CleanUp! is usually emptying the Internet Explorer caches. In CleanUp! 3.0 and later, it may also spend a great deal of time scanning your hard disk(s) for temporary files to delete.

In some cases that I have observed, CleanUp! will appear to delete hundreds or thousands of files very quickly, but then appear to hang. After leaving it, sometimes for several minutes, it'll again continue deleting files. Although not based on any hard evidence, it looks to me like CleanUp! may be requesting that files be deleted by the operating system faster than the hard disk is able to actually delete them. Eventually, it seems the operating system stops accepting requests to delete files until the hard disk has had a chance to catch up. Once the hard disk has processed all those requests, then CleanUp! is able to continue. [If anyone can validate this "educated guess" then please send me an e-mail with details.]

I have not been able to duplicate the "hanging in the registry" problems reported by some users. However, this is what others on the discussion list have had to say about the problem:

Had same problem. After getting all the updates from MS the problem went away. Not sure which one did it though.

I had the same problem. Try disabling any scheduled tasks that may be running. It worked for me.

This used to happen on mine too (W98SE). I've not had the problem since I cleaned the spyware out of my computer with AdAware from Its freeware. Comet Cursor was the offender, I believe. Warning - eliminating the spyware programs may cause some programs which are free because they are ad supported to not work any more, so you have to decide where your priorities are.

So, it looks like the thing to do is keep your system updated. If you are using Windows 98 just go to Start, Settings, Windows Update while online, and it will take you there. Otherwise, go to Microsoft web site and download the windows updates.

Note: If anyone finds out which update fixes the problem with CleanUp! hanging then please share it with everyone on the CleanUp! discussion list.

Another user writes:

This seems to be a recurring problem. Remove any spyware if you have any installed.