Can the files be retrieved after CleanUp! has deleted them?

In general, no. The purpose of CleanUp! is to delete files to hide your tracks. In other words, if the deleted files could easily be recovered then CleanUp! would not be doing what it was intended to do! About the only way to recover all the files CleanUp! deleted is to restore them from a recent backup.

However, sometimes it may be possible to recover some of the files. Depending on the exact circumstances - in particular, what else you do with you computer after running CleanUp! - it is sometimes possible to retrieve some of the files.

[If you're interested, the DOS undelete command can recover some deleted files some of the time. This is something for more advanced users and the details of it are beyond the scope of this FAQ.]

Under normal circumstances, however, it is unlikely that anyone looking at your computer will try to retrieve deleted files - or be that successful - so the chances are that you're pretty safe just having run CleanUp! However, if you really want to be sure that the files cannot be retrieved, then refer to the answer to the question, How can I be sure the files cannot be retrieved?

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