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Written by Steven Gould   
Tuesday, 01 May 2007

In recent years my interest in software development and technology has taken more of a turn towards use in the home. For me this includes pretty much any use of any form of technology to help around the home.

I started by automating lights so that instead of having the kids leave their bedroom lights on all day when they were at school, I could automatically have the lights turned off at a specific time or when they leave. The same thing with the heating and thermostats. This translates into reduced electricity usage helping keep down costs and doing a little more to help the environment.

Additionally, partly through my work, I have become more and more involved with digital media and how to "move"  it around the house. Whether we're talking about the thousands of MP3 files sitting on a computer somewhere, some family photos, or a TV show recorded on the DVR, we should be able to see/hear this media almost anywhere in and around the house. The next logical extension is to allow it to easily move into the car. Apart from using an iPod, I'm not at that point yet.

So, in this section of my web site I'm planning on writing about some of my experiences with these different technologies.