How do I open a hidden index.dat file?

If you know an index.dat file exists but are unable to view it in Explorer or locate it through the Index Dat Spy File, Open dialog that does not mean you cannot open it.

Since the File, Open dialog is essentially a standard Windows dialog it "hides" certain folders just like Windows Explorer does. For example, under the Temporary Internet Files folder there is a hidden Content.IE5 folder containing an index.dat file.

There are (at least) two other ways you can open such index.dat files from Index Dat Spy:

The easiest approach is to use the File, Find index.dat Files menu option. This will search your hard disks for index.dat files. Just select the file(s) that you want to open - you can select more than one - then click OK. You don't even have to wait for the search to complete. Smile

2. In the File, Open dialog just type in the full path to the index.dat file; e.g.

c:\Documents and Settings\...\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat