Protect yourself online
There's only one you. Why should you let anyone else become you? With just a series of numbers, you could lose your identity, all of your money, and your retirement.

Did you know that your computer may store ...

  • Your credit card information from online transactions?
  • Your social security number?
  • Your bank account numbers?

Do you know how to protect yourself? We do.

That's why we have created a suite of software utilities that protect your Windows-based system, and you, from malicious attackers that want to extort this information and even "become" you. You can start with CleanUp!, which clears your hard disk of all extraneous files that could be used against you. Next, Private Eye exposes private information from a supposedly protected area of your hard disk - this includes user names, passwords, account numbers and more even for secure Web sites. Finally, Index Dat Spy exposes a trail of your Internet activity when using Internet Explorer.

Beyond that, this site provides a plethora of information about security for novice PC users as well as experts like security administrators. Articles, the latest news, and contests are to come.

Stay tuned ... Look for more security software releases as well as other types of products that improve your online quality of life. We welcome your questions, your comments, and any feedback.