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Steven Gould is an independent writer and seasoned software developer. He has contributed to a variety of open-source projects and developed various freeware applications. Steve's software tauts more than 1 million downloads and an impressive list of happy customers.  Look for columns that will appear in the near future on this Web site that reflect Steve's views, opinions, and expert advise on a variety of issues.

Steven started "playing" with computers in the early 1980's, according to his parents. Little did they know, rather than spending much time playing games, he was more interested in finding out how they worked. He spent numerous hours locked away learning the ins and outs of his early computers, learning BASIC, 6502 assembly language, Z80 assembly language, and Pascal. Steven's hobby led him to pursue his degrees in Computer Science (BSc) and Management Science and Operations Research (MSc).

Steven's unique combination of Operations Research (OR) and Computer Science strategically positioned him in the IT marketplace. After working for Dash Associates in England, he moved to the States in 1993 to pursue his career the other side of the pond. Steven utilized his skills in OR and Computer Science in his first few years in the United States, first as Vice President of Software Development for a start-up optimization company in Knoxville, Tennessee, then at SABRE in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1997, Steven was recruited out of SABRE to work for a division of Deloitte Consulting - DRT Systems - which later was bought by the Canadian consulting company, CGI. At CGI, Steven focused his efforts on object-oriented design and development in particular using C++ and Java. From there, Steven has most recently moved to join a large, publically owned entertainment company as a senior level IT Advisor.

While business savvy and management are natural talents for Steven, his passion is to remain technical and "in the trenches". As a result, he has passed up numerous management opportunities to continue to do what he loves: write both code and documentation (in the form of articles and books).  For more information about Steve's software, visit his web site at

For more information on his professional background, view Steven's LinkedIn profile .

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