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Why is CleanUp! free? PDF Print E-mail

Isn't it true that, some of the best things in life are free? So, why shouldn't CleanUp! be one of them? :-)

I originally wrote CleanUp! as a simple tool to help out a couple of friends. I then decided to make it publically available to anyone that wanted to use it. The interest in CleanUp! has far exceeded my original expectations, and I now have hundreds of thousands - and possibly millions - of users worldwide. I would like to continue to develop CleanUp! and continue to make it available for free.

Now my plans have changed a little. I would like to see CleanUp! become a "best in class" product, and to reach enough users so that a reasonable amount of people would want to donate to help fund continued development CleanUp!.

CleanUp! works on a donation system, if you find it useful and it works for you then I would be very grateful for a donation, or "tip" if you prefer. You can think of CleanUp! as donationware or tipware if there is such a thing!

I'm not looking to make millions of dollars (pounds, euros, marks, yen, etc.) with this approach, but I would like to be able to cover my costs and, if possible, turn this into a full-time job!

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