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 Spy on your computer!

Find out what private information your computer is storing about you. Monitor changes over time. Protect your privacy. All in one easy solution.

Introducing Private Eye for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the quickest and easiest way to monitor the personal information stored in "protected" storage.

Private Eye is a powerful and easy-to-use application that displays the entire contents of an area on your PC referred to as "protected storage", and allows you to make changes to the entries that get stored there. This is the first application (that I know of) to provide all these capabilities, and do so in one easy solution.

Do you access the Internet at work? Have you ever used it for personal use, even just to check your pay check was deposited? Then your personal, private and supposedly confidential information may be stored on your computer. Are you concerned about your privacy on the web? Private Eye was designed for people like you.

Ever wondered how Windows and Internet Explorer automatically fills in some forms on the web for you? Where does it get that information from? The answer is "protected storage" - supposedly a "protected" area. However, using Private Eye you can easily view and change the contents of this area. This is useful to keep track of how much personal information gets stored on your computer at work; or on any shared computer. No special decryption tools or knowledge are required. Everything you need is included with Private Eye.

No gimmicks here, Private Eye is so easy to set up and use that you'll be exposing your machine, exposing you in minutes.

Thanks for trying Private Eye

Steven R. Gould
- Author of Private Eye

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