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I'd like to thank the following people for their help during development of CleanUp!:

  • Nick Gould and Gunthor - for helping me identify the need for such a utility.
  • David May and Bob Crews - for their enthusiasm and help on the CleanUp! discussion list, providing numerous useful answers as well as helping keep the list on topic.
  • Pauline Roberts - for her help promoting CleanUp! and sharing her experiences with (many) others.
  • Sam Taylor - for his countless responses to new user questions about CleanUp! on the CleanUp! discussion list.
  • George S. Cole - for describing in detail some of the finer points of where and how Netscape stores some of its files, and for trying CleanUp! 1.1 even though he really wanted something that worked with Netscape!
  • Roxton Baker - also for help verifying where and how Netscape stores its settings, and sharing with me how he currently cleans up Netscape files.
  • Yahoo! Groups - for hosting the original CleanUp! discussion list.

And finally, everyone that has tried CleanUp! and sent me comments, thoughts and suggestions on how it could be improved. Your feedback helps shape the future direction of CleanUp!.


Steven R. Gould
Author of Windows CleanUp!

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