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How much disk space has CleanUp! recovered for you? I often manage tens and even hundreds of megabytes and I run CleanUp! frequently. The best it's done for me in one go is 1.87 GB (12,461 files). Can you beat that? Take the CleanUp! challenge to find out:
  1. Download and install the latest version of CleanUp!
  2. Run CleanUp!
  3. IMPORTANT: When CleanUp! has finished, click on the "No" button when asked if you wish to restart Windows.
  4. Look at the last few lines of output in CleanUp!'s log window to see how much disk space was recovered. If it was more than 15.0 GB or more than 300,000 files, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Copy the entire contents of the CleanUp! log into a e-mail and send it to me.
    [To copy the log details onto the Windows clipboard, right click in the window and choose "Select All". Right click again in the window and select "Copy". Then go to your e-mail program and Paste it into an e-mail.]

Note that you'll free up most disk space if you haven't run CleanUp! for sometime, especially if you're running CleanUp! for the first time. If you run it on a regular basis (recommended) then the amount of disk space freed up each time will be smaller.

I maintain an on-going list of the top 20 disk space recoveries, as well as a top 20 list of number of files deleted.

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