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CleanUp! didn't delete some of my Temporary Internet Files. What's wrong? PDF Print E-mail

This can be due to one of several possible reasons:

  • CleanUp! only deletes the current user's Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History. On a machine with several users (i.e. any machine where you have to log in before using Windows) there may be several areas - different for each user - set aside for temporary files. This is the most common reason I receive this question - simply a misunderstanding of exactly what files CleanUp! is trying to remove (and which ones it shouldn't!).
  • You - or possibly your System Administrator - have changed your default internet cache directory. If the IE cache directory has been changed, then you are likely to still have a "Temporary Internet Files" folder on your disk. Windows CleanUp! only attempts to clean the directory that Internet Explorer is currently configured to use for it's cache. If this is *not* the "Temporary Internet Files" folder, then the "Temporary Internet Files" folder will not be emptied. This is by design - CleanUp! has to be careful not to delete too much. :^)
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