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Can I run CleanUp! from a removable disk/drive? PDF Print E-mail

This FAQ applies equally to any removable media and or drive provided that you can write to it. This includes floppy disks, USB memory sticks, USB hard disk drives, etc.

Yes. Run the CleanUp! installation program as normal and specify the drive and directory as the installation destination. You will be asked whether or not you want CleanUp! icons created in the Start menu (you normally wouldn't when installing to removable media but you have the choice).

Alternatively, for intermediate/advanced users, here's another way to do it:

  • Install CleanUp! as normal on any machine.
  • Ensure that your removable media is conncted to your computer and that you can access the desired drive and directory in which you want to install the files - you'll need at least 400K free on the disk.
  • Copy all the files from the CleanUp! installation folder into your preferred directory (it doesn't matter whether they go in the root directory or in a subdirectory on the floppy - it's up to you). Please be sure to copy all the files - including the on-line Help and contents files (*.hlp and *.cnt) - so as to stay within the intent of the (freeware) license.

Now you can go to any machine, insert the disk just created and run CleanUp! directly from the floppy.

[You may also be interested to know that you can start CleanUp! directly from the DOS prompt.]

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