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Reveals personal information. Private Eye lets you see inside your computers' "protected storage", often revealing personal, private and supposedly confidential information about you. It can reveal things like:

  • Bank account numbers
  • Online account numbers
  • Credit card information
  • User names and passwords

It doesn't matter if this information was entered at secure sites. Private Eye can still reveal this information.

Protects your privacy. When combined with a utility such as Windows CleanUp!, Private Eye allows you to remove all traces of your activity on the Internet. This is most useful if you're changing jobs, even changing computers at work, or selling your home computer. But it is also very worthwhile doing on a much more regular basis. Some customers report erasing all their tracks every day after getting offline. Some will prefer to do this weekly or monthly. Either way, if you value your privacy online, you should make this a habit.

Runs on Windows 2000, XP, and later. The same version of Private Eye runs on all versions of Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Note that, although the Private Eye executable would run under earlier Windows operating systems, these systems do not use protected storage in the same way.

Simple to use. Developed by the same author as the popular Windows CleanUp! utility, Private Eye offers a clean, simple interface - designed for novices, but will be familiar to more experienced users. It looks much like Windows Explorer.

This program is so simple to use, you'll be better protecting your privacy in minutes!

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