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Private Eye 3.0.2

In addition to a number of internal improvements, below is a list of some of the main improvements and enhancements in Private Eye 3.0.2:

  • Added Edit, Find functionality that searches for given text in entry names as well as in the contents of the entry data.
  • Added Edit, Find Next (F3) capability which repeats the last Find.
  • Remembers the selected entry on exit, then restores Private Eye to that entry - if it exists - on start-up.
  • Minor Help file updates and improvements.
  • Fixed bug where, under some circumstances, not all binary data was being displayed.

Note that if you previously purchased a license for Private Eye 2.0, it will still be valid for version 3.0.2. Furthermore, if you install Private Eye 3.0.2 without uninstalling version 2.0, your registration settings will be preserved so you will not even have to re-enter that information.

Private Eye 2.0

Private Eye 2.0 included some additional functionality and was split into two versions - one of which was still free. Here's a list of some of the main improvements and enhancements over Private Eye 1.0:

  • Created two versions - the free version allows viewing of the protected storage, and the full, registered version that allows deletion of the protected storage entries.
  • Added the ability to delete entries from the protected storage - only available in the full version.
  • Added registered user name to the About dialog.
  • On-line Help file. Version 1.x had little Help available - mostly through the web site. Version 2.0 now includes a Windows-style Help file (in addition to a README file).

Private Eye 1.0

Private Eye 1.0 was a small, simple utility initially designed to expose what personal information gets stored on your computer often without your knowledge. I made that version available for free. It was the first release made publically available.

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