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The following publications are all Copyright © Steven R. Gould, 2001-2007, and have been published by myself, independent of any third party.

OpenForecast User's Guide

  • An introduction to development using the open-source forecasting library, OpenForecast.

Variance Reduction Techniques applied to large scale simulation models

  • A case study on how to improve the accuracy of your simulation models. A variety of different techniques are discussed and compared.

Installing Linux on a Gateway 400SD4 notebook

  • Some notes on my experience installing Slackware Linux on a Gateway 400SD4 notebook.

Quick Reference Cards

This page was inspired in part by Andrew Ford's collection of Quick Reference Cards at, several of which I have found very useful. Along these same lines, I have developed quick reference cards for PHP and for DOC++. I am considering doing several others too, but am making no promises yet!

PHP 4 Quick Reference Card

DOC++ Quick Reference Card

I hope to write some more, on different topics, soon. For a bigger collection of Quick Reference Cards (by a variety of authors) refer to Andrew Ford's

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