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Version History
What's New in CleanUp! 4.5 PDF Print E-mail

CleanUp! 4.5 builds upon the solid foundation of CleanUp! 4.0 and added the following new features and functionality. Most of these enhancements were made as a result of feedback received on the CleanUp! discussion list and forums .

Listed below are the new features and improvements made for version 4.5:

  • Modified the interpretation of temporary file specifications given in the Temporary Files tab of the Options dialog so as to be more intuitive. Previously, the Windows API used would match *.tmp with files ending with .tmpl (I think this was because of the underlying "DOS format" filename that ended with .tmp). [Thanks to cvydas for assistance diagnosing and testing this.]
  • Added support for IncrediMail by emptying all Runtime folders.
  • Initial support for Paint Shop Pro 7, 8 and 9.
  • Initial support for Real Player.
  • Initial support for QuickTime media player.
  • Initial support for International versions of Windows - specifically to remove dependence on Application Data in certain paths.
  • Added a command line option, "-demo" (without the quotes), to disable deletion of any files or changes to the registry. Summary statistics do not get updated in this mode.
  • On the first run on a machine the user is now prompted whether or not they would like to run in demo mode. This is intended to help new users evaluate the utility without actually deleting anything from their computer. [A backup would serve the same purpose, but this demo mode is significantly less trouble for new users, so hopefully they will use it!]
  • Added an option to the General tab that enables generation of a log file (CleanUp!.log) in the user's Application Data directory. When combined with the "demo mode" this could be very helpful during testing and evaluation of CleanUp!.
  • Added tooltips to each of the options in the Options dialog to make the options more intuitive.
  • Changed the Register button to Donate to make the function more obvious. Some users had observed that they weren't aware that CleanUp! was made possible through donations of generous users. Please consider making frequent use of this button! :-)
  • Removed "Scan local drives for temporary files" from Standard CleanUp!. It is now only activated with Thorough or Custom CleanUp!.
  • When scanning for temporary files under the Windows directory, scanning is now only permitted beneath the system32\config\systemprofile directory. This prevents potential problems with Windows XP themes as well as the Windows XP system information utility, msinfo32.exe.
  • Added an "Info" button to the About dialog. This displays a window containing a summary of system information specific to CleanUp!. Please use this when reporting problems or potential bugs.
  • In the main cleaning engine, minor change/improvements to help improve performance.
  • Removed the "Scan drives for temporary files" checkbox from the General tab under Options; also added a warning explaining its use when the option is enabled. [Hopefully these two things will reduce the "problems" associated with misconfiguring this functionality.]
  • Modified the About dialog to reference the new support forums - instead of the old Yahoo! discussion list.

Bug fixes

The following lists some (minor) bugs reported with CleanUp! 4.0 that have been fixed in CleanUp! 4.5. The list is intended to be of interest to users upgrading from 4.0 to 4.5.

  • Fixed bug where CleanUp! 4.0 would give runtime error (re. CreateToolhelp32Snapshot) under Windows NT 4.0.
  • Modified cookie keeper to be case-insensitive.
  • Fixed bug where some directory names were not showing up in Custom Files, Add wizard.
  • Fixed bug where Outlook Express mail folders with a "." in their name were being treated as newsgroup folders (and being deleted if the Delete Newsgroup Cache option was enabled). This means that support for deletion of Outlook Express newsgroup cache has been removed - at least until a better solution can be found.
  • Status bar message now gets updated when cleaning Firefox directories.
  • Fixed context-sensitive Help in Options dialog.
What's New in CleanUp! 4.0 PDF Print E-mail

With the development of version 4.0, CleanUp! underwent it's biggest face-lift since version 1.0. The underlying structure of CleanUp! was greatly improved in version 3.0. Now, in version 4.0, the user interface has been improved. The Options dialog now has several tabs for use by those who would like more control over what CleanUp! does.

CleanUp! 4.0 now supports 10 major versions of Windows (everything from Windows 95 through to Windows XP), and 18 different major browser versions (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera).

Below is a list of the primary improvements and enhancements for CleanUp! 4.0 (as compared to version 3.1):

  • Added support for Firefox 1.x browser.
  • Added the ability to disable deletion of newsgroup cache.
  • Summary statistics added along the top of the main dialog.
  • Now prompts user to logoff/restart after closing the main dialog, not immediately upon completion of a run of CleanUp!.
  • Now checks whether IE, Netscape, Opera or Mozilla are running before starting a run of CleanUp! (OS dependent).
  • Opera 2.x-7.x - when deleting cookies, now overwrites the cookies*.dat file with cookies*.dat.clean if one is found. This can be used to preserve specific cookies.
  • Initial implementation of a "stealth mode" - activated when CleanUp! is run from a temporary directory. In stealth mode, the Options button is disabled, and files that cannot be deleted are not deleted on restart.
  • Added support for cleaning more than 4.2GB in a single run. Yes, a few people had run into this limitation with CleanUp! 3.x.
  • Implement support for deleting custom registry entries.
  • New more extensive Options dialog, with separate tabs for General options, Custom Files/Directories, Custom Registry Entries and Cookies to preserve.
What's New in CleanUp! 3.1 PDF Print E-mail

With the development of version 3.0, CleanUp! underwent it's biggest rewrite since version 1.0. It now supported 10 major versions of Windows (everything from Windows 95 through to Windows XP), and 15 different major browser versions (IE, Netscape and Opera). Now that CleanUp! 3.0 has been in wide-spread circulation for several months, I have decided to make an interim release to add a few extra features and a couple of minor bug fixes that people had been requesting.

Below is a list of the primary improvements and enhancements over CleanUp! 3.0:

  • Made deletion of Windows XP Prefetch files optional - enabled and disabled through the Options dialog.
  • Added an option to search for and delete Windows Help index files (*.gid) files.
  • Added an "AutoRun" option to quietly run CleanUp! in the background and quit (non-interactive).
  • Clean up WinZip's MRU (extract and file) lists from the registry.
  • Added support for cleaning the Windows Media Player Recent File List entries from the registry.
  • In Options dialog, improved checking for file name component in custom directory specification.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where Prefetch files were not being deleted under some configurations.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where cookies were being deleted even if the "Delete Cookies" option was not checked.
  • Added custom directory/file text box to tab order of Options dialog.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.
What's New in CleanUp! 3.0 PDF Print E-mail

With the release of CleanUp! 2.0, I saw the number of downloads, as well as the number of avid users grow tremendously - far more than I had ever expected. Due to the increased number of e-mails, as well as an increased workload (in my professional life), the release of CleanUp! 3.0 is long overdue. Finally I have made time to update it for the latest browsers (Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6) and added support for the Opera browser too.

Thanks to all the users that have offered suggestions and ideas for future versions of CleanUp!. Many of these improvements have made it into CleanUp! 3.0. Here's a list of some of the main improvements and enhancements over CleanUp! 2.0:

Functionality Improvements:

  • Added support for removal of user-defined filenames (can use wildcards) from user-defined directories. This "future-proofs" CleanUp! against browsers updates and also includes support for any application not implicitly supported by CleanUp!.
  • Improved (more secure) file deletion when selecting the "Wipe Clean" option. CleanUp! now overwrites the file three times with different data, then renames it 27 times before deleting it.
  • Deletes all files from the Windows XP "prefetch" directory (Windows XP only).
  • Support for the Opera web browser, versions 2.x through 6.x. Cleans up Opera cache, download files, cookies and (optionally) the bookmarks.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x. Cleans up Internet Explorer 5 and 6 cache, history file, cookies and (optionally) the bookmarks. CleanUp! nows supports Internet Explorer versions 1 through 6.
  • Support for Netscape Navigator 6.x. Cleans up Netscape Navigator 6 cache, history file, cookies and (optionally) the bookmarks.
  • Multi-user support: optionally, CleanUp! attempts to remove temporary files for all local users.
  • More advanced options for Netscape users.
  • Many under-the-hood changes to provide a better/cleaner implementation of the main cleaning engine, resulting in a more modular, more reliable and more flexible CleanUp!.
  • Improved emptying of recycle bins from all fixed, local drives.
  • Resets Paint and WordPad Most Recently Used (MRU) lists.
  • Resets the most recently used (MRU) lists for Search for Computers, Files and Folders containing text, and Files and Folder names (Windows 2000 and later).
  • More complete CleanUp! of various temporary files in the Windows directory. Optionally deletes *.bak, *.chk, *.tmp, and *~ from each hard drive (not network drives) when performing a scan for temporary files.

Usability Improvements:

  • Simpler installation - just run the download file. An additional benefit of this change was a smaller download file too (less than 300K).
  • Allowed advanced users to customize the sound played when CleanUp! starts and when CleanUp! completes.
  • Added a welcome message to the CleanUp! log window at start-up.
  • CleanUp! now runs quietly in the background during restart.
  • Added hyperlinks for the CleanUp! web site, discussion list and my e-mail address to the About dialog.
  • Improved and expanded the on-line Help.
  • Removed references to "The Strangely Green Chicken Co." (never a real company as such) and replaced with the more serious "".
  • While not really to do with the CleanUp! program itself, I moved the CleanUp! web site to a more permanent home (
  • Improved and expanded the FAQs on the CleanUp! web site.
What's New in CleanUp! 2.0 PDF Print E-mail

Although CleanUp! 1.x was written as a small, simple utility initially to help out a couple of friends, I decided to make it freely available on the web. The response I got was amazing. So much so that it inspired me to come out with a much enhanced version 2.0 of CleanUp! Here's a list of some of the main improvements and enhancements over CleanUp! 1.1:

Functionality Improvements:

  • Support for Netscape Navigator 3.x and 4.x. This was one of the most requested enhancements. Cleans up Netscape Navigator 3.x and 4.x cache, history file, cookies and (optionally) the bookmarks.
  • Full support for cleaning up Outlook Express newsgroups. This includes emptying the newsgroup caches, as well as - optionally - unsubscribing from all newsgroups.
  • Improved - more complete - support for Internet Explorer 4.x. Clean up Internet Explorer 4.0's "Extensible Caches". These seem to store cached information for each channel you subscribe to.
  • CleanUp! now recurses down through Internet Explorer cache, History and Cookie folders.
  • A more thorough clean up of Microsoft's Internet Mail and News newreader evidence.
  • Deletes all MSN's "Typed URLs".
  • Empty all recycle bins (directories called \Recycled or \Recycler) from all fixed, local drives.
  • Deletes all files recursively from the directories pointed to by the TEMP and TMP environment variables provided the directory name ends with "\TEMP" - this is to avoid deleting c:\dos directory or similar on machines where TEMP=C:\DOS (argh! Not a good idea.) Don't worry if you haven't set the TEMP or TMP environment variables to anything - no action will be taken if they are not set.
  • Deletes IE4 Error Log.txt from the WINDOWS directory.
  • Deletes \file*.chk from each hard disk (not network drives). These are files created by scandisk and are usually safe to delete.
  • Added an option to reset settings and scores in standard games: FreeCell, Hearts, Solitaire (Win95), Minesweeper, Pinball (WinNT).
  • A more complete uninstall program (does a better job of removing itself!).

Usability Improvements:

  • On-line Help file. Version 1.x had little Help available - just a README and FAQ that came with it. Version 2.0 now includes a Windows-style Help file (in addition to the README).
  • Netscape Navigator 4.x (for advanced users): When deleting the "URL history" from the prefs.js, if the file prefs.js.clean exists in the same directory then this file is copied over the top of the existing prefs.js file. Thanks to a number of users who suggested they use this approach as a way of cleaning up Netscape Navigator 4.x. (Note that if prefs.js.clean does not exist, the URL history is stripped from the existing prefs.js file as expected.)
  • Got rid of the dreaded DOS window at startup and replaced it with "real" Windows program!
  • Supports simpler (and cleaner) installation to floppy disk.
  • Added an uninstall icon to the CleanUp! program folder. Though uninstall was available with CleanUp! 1.1 through the Windows Control Panel many user's weren't aware of how to use this, so for version 2.0 the "Uninstall CleanUp!" icon is a shortcut for this.
  • No longer prompts to restart Windows if running Windows NT (since this usually failed under NT anyway). Instead, it is only necessary to log off and log back on again.
  • Added a warning when selecting "Delete Favorite Places" in the Options dialog.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me for their comments and suggestions. I now have plenty of work to do for CleanUp! 3.0 too.   :-)


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